Green Pot Enterprises


GreenPot Enterprises Limited is Kenya’s first fully integrated bamboo company, with operations ranging from large-scale nurseries to the establishment of bamboo plantations. The company has an elaborate out-grower programme with small scale farmers and soon starting a bamboo factory to process bamboo into various wood and energy products. 

To date, their team has worked with more than 800 smallholder farmers who’ve planted bamboo and restored 20km of Riparian and 1,500 acres of degraded landscapes. Specifically, they are involved in the restoration of 3 key ecosystems: Mara River, Upper Tana, Mariara River.

As a part of the Bamboo 20 initiative, they worked to train members of a co-operative and thereafter distributed 20 bamboo seedlings to each farmer to plant on their riparian areas. This collectively will contribute to reducing soil erosion, and give each farmer a future income of USD 2000 per acre per year.
The company’s impact ranges from bringing about the economic transformation of local communities through the introduction of lucrative land-use innovation to impacting the provision of green energy products, contributing greatly to reducing land degradation as a result. In the process, the company continues to create quality employment and business opportunities for thousands of people, particularly women and the youth.

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